I love food. Really that’s the simple truth of how I got so big. I was eating all the wrong foods, lots of maccas, chocolate and pretty much only drank diet coke. I did no exercise at all, I was never the sporty kid I avoided all sports carnivals where possible. I’m also an emotional eater and once you get caught in the vicious cycle of eating you get depressed so you eat more. At my heaviest I was a very depressed and unhappy 118kg. I had to shop at women’s plus size stores, I felt horrible, I looked horrible, I had no energy or motivation and I just wanted to hide from the world and…. eat more.

In September 2012 I joined CrossFit Feel Good and started training with Ben. It was the best decision of my life. I love coming and working out with like minded people everyday and pushing my body to see how far it will go. I like the challenges and the sneaky competitions against each other. I have managed to loose over 40kg to date.

I still enjoy eating food, I don’t think that will ever change but I have discovered the proper way to eat through trial and error of the Paleo diet and more recently better results with the Zone diet. I still eat bad food but this time I know how much I can have and when to stop.