My definition of fitness has been upturned since beginning at CFFG 3 years ago. Growing up playing soccer (always smallest in my team) and cross country running I was rarely asked to display an aspects of physical strength. It wasn’t until my first WOD where 40 KG thrusters (as singles) buckled me, that I realised there was a huge component of fitness that had been completely omitted from my training. 

In the three years following, under the programming and coaching of Ben, as well as the competitive and supportive environment of my fellow members, those 40kg thrusters are now considered “lightweight” and one of my favourite movements. Training at CrossFit Feel Good has brought on a significant physical transformation (added 10kg of muscle), which along with my progress in the weightlifting elements have coincided with improvements in mobility, bodyweight strength and conditioning. 

Whilst I no longer run the distances I did in Highschool, when a workout requires me to do so, my times would still be competitive with my younger self and that to me is the epitome of fitness.