Crossfit gym classes

Our CrossFit Feel Good gym classes are aimed to improve your overall fitness level. To do this we focus on functional movements which are implemented in high intensity workouts. Every workout can be scaled and adjusted for all levels of ability and fitness.


This class is designed for those who wish to improve strength and skills that are specific to the snatch and clean & jerk. The aim is to increase the efficiency, strength and confidence in these movements to develop an improved 1 rep max.

open gym

The open gym program is an opportunity for members to work on specific skills, conditioning, mobility or strength exercises. These sessions are overseen by a coach however they will not be leading a workout. Members are expected to have a general foundational knowledge of, and an experience in CrossFit movements before attending open gym.

kids gym classes

CrossFit Hornsby offers Kids gym classes that focus on improving and developing a wide range of skills necessary for improving strength and conditioning.

personal training

At CrossFit Feel Good Hornsby we offer Personal training classes in our gym. These classes can be personalised to suit you so that you can reach your fitness goals.

sports strength & conditioning

CrossFit Feel Good Hornsby provides high quality Sports Strength and conditioning. Our strength and conditioning service in Hornsby can be tailored to your specific sport to ensure you can perform at your best.