When You Arrive At The Gym

We are located at Unit 2/14 Brennan Cl, Asquith. Street parking is available along with extra parking on the roof of the gym which can be accessed via the ramp at the end of Brennan Cl. Our classes start at a prescribed time where a qualified coach will explain the warm up / mobility, so please arrive at least 5 minutes early. If there is a class on, please wait in our Open Gym room. Personal belongings can be left in the pigeon holes.

Daily Workout

At the beginning of each class, the coaches provide an explanation of that day’s program, suggested scaling, and a demonstration of the movements. Early in your CrossFit journey, it is a good idea to check with the coach how you should complete the workout, what weights you should use, and what scaling options they would recommend.

During Class

Everyone starts the workout together. You may need to keep score during the workout. We have small whiteboards for this. In some workouts, you may finish before others. In our gym we support and encourage our fellow members and do not pack up equipment until everyone has finished. The coach will record all scoring needed on Wodify so all your results are saved. Once everyone has finished you will need to wipe down all the equipment you used with the disinfectant and wipes provided next to the TVs.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Training


Consistency is key for achieving your goals, especially when you are first starting out. Set a goal number of sessions you would like to come to each week, I always say a minimum of 3 is a great starting point as that is what is needed to achieve your goals and also, the more classes you attend the more familiar you get with movements / workouts / other members etc and that will set you up for long term success!


Nutrition is very important when it comes to health and fitness. CrossFit’s recommendation is: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar”. If members want to really dial in their nutrition or have specific dietary needs, we have a nutritionist we work with who can help members out with personalised plans.

Get Involved

We are not just a gym, we are a community! The more you can get involved with gym events both in and out of the gym / interact with other members on Wodify or in our member’s groups on Facebook, the more fun you will have and you will also build a very strong support group around you which will keep you motivated and smashing out goal after goal.

Types Of Crossfit Workouts

AMRAP – As Many Rounds / Reps As Possible
Accumulate as many rounds and/or reps as possible in a specified time frame. Example below:
15 min – AMRAP
5 Rounds
10 Box Jumps 24/20″
10 Power Cleans 60/40

The workout is to be done as fast as possible. Example below:
5 Rounds
10 Front Squats
200m Run

Intervals can appear in many different forms. These workouts have a work/rest allocation. Common Examples below:
5 Rounds – 2min ON / 1min OFF
10 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

Max Squats
*in the 2min ON period you would do the Push Ups and Sit Ups then perform as many Squats as you can until the 2min is up, then rest 1 min and start back at the push ups again for Round 2.
10 Rounds Each – RD:RD w/ Partner
2 Rope Climbs

200m Row
*in these intervals one partner would complete the rope climb then the row then partner 2 would do their rope climb and row and continue like this until both partners complete 10 Rounds.
EMOM – Every minute on the minute
These workouts have a set time frame and reps to be completed each minute. Example below:

10min EMOM
Odd minutes – 20cal Row
Even minutes – 15 Burpees
*on the odd minutes complete 20 calorie row and 15 burpees on all the Even minutes.

understanding how crossfit workouts are programmed

4×8 Back Squat – 60%

5 Rounds
20 Box Jumps 24/20″
15 Wall Balls 9/6
10 Deadlifts 100/70
5 Muscle Ups
V1 – 2x Pull Ups

4 – The number of working sets
8 – The number of repetitions in each set
60% – The percentage of weight based of your 1 Rep Max
*usually with Strength training you will have 2min rest between sets to let the body and nervous system recover.

5 Rounds – you will complete 5 Rounds of the workout as written as fast as possible.
Box Jumps (24/20″) – Refers to the height of the box – 24″ Males / 20″ Females
Wall Balls (9/6) – Refers to the weight of the med ball – 9kg Males / 6kg Females
Deadlifts (100/70) – Refers to the weight of the deadlift – 100kg Males / 70kg Females
Muscle Ups (V1 – 2x Pull Ups) – With challenging exercises like Muscle Ups, there will be different variations. In this scenario instead of doing 5 muscle ups the athlete will perform 10 Pull Ups (bands can be used for this)

*as with all workouts they are written as the RX option and scaling is used to adjust the workout to everyone’s individual fitness level. E.g lighter weights for Deadlifts and shorter box height or step ups for box jumps

scaling workouts – crossfit is for everyone

The Daily workouts will have “RX” weights / movements / heights etc for men and women. Doing a workout RX means you have completed the workout as prescribed or as it’s written. Depending on your level of fitness it may take you some time before you are ready to complete a workout as prescribed (Rx). Every workout can be adjusted so every single person can do a version of that workout.

Our CrossFit coaches will assist you to scale and/or modify any workout to ensure it’s suitable for you. Coaches might do this by adapting or substituting movements in the workout to ones that match your current level of fitness. For example, if you can’t do pull-ups yet, the coach will get you to do pull-ups with a band, jumping pull-ups, or ring rows. Appropriate scaling ensures that the integrity of the workout is maintained and all athletes are working to their capacity.

Early in your CrossFit journey, scaling might include a reduced work load – for example fewer repetitions and/or rounds – or lighter weights. Follow the coach’s guidance in scaling workouts so you progress properly and reduce the risk of injury. Our coaches will also modify workouts if you have a current injury and/or joint issue so you can still get a great workout in without aggravating the injury or joint issue.

crossfit feel good community


Wodify is our all in one gym software. When you come into the gym the two TV screens will be displaying the members of each class on one screen so the coach can sign you in and record your scores for that day’s workout(s) and on the other screen is the workout for that day. Upon signing up, members will receive an email with how to log into the Wodify app. We use Wodify for: – Memberships and Payments – Booking into classes – Tracking your strength lifts and workout scores – Interacting with other members – Communication such as announcements / reminders of upcoming events.

Members Facebook Group

We encourage all members to join our members only Facebook Group as we will constantly upload recent content, upcoming gym events / challenges and most of all it is just a fun environment for members to interact with each other. The group is called – CrossFit Feel Good Members, please request to join.


Emails are our main way of getting any necessary information out to our members. We aim to send out monthly newsletters containing everything that is going on / coming up at CrossFit Feel Good.


Check out our YouTube channel – CrossFit Feel Good for lots of helpful videos such as exercise “how to” videos / workout videos and more!