introduce yourself to new members

Walking in anywhere new can be intimidating, so please welcoming and introduce yourself to new members.

Treat other members how you would like to be treated

Respect other members and their belongings. Spreading gossip or negative comments about other members will not be tolerated and you will be asked toleave the gym.

no cheating

No one cares if you finish first or last, but they will care if you CUT reps or movement standards! Do the work! There are no shortcuts!

respect the equipment

Do not drop empty barbells, KBs or DBs. Barbells may be dropped carefully when 10kg plates or heavier are loaded. Clean up after yourself, replace everything you use where you found it.

leave your ego & negativity at the door

You can’t get fitter or stronger by looking at a bar that is too heavy for you! Negative comments before, during or after workouts won’t help your training or anyone else’s around you.

support other members

If you finish a workout early, don’t pack up, instead cheer on those still going.

listen to the coach

Respect your coach and others in the class. If you have questions or aren’t sure about something, ask the coach. Listen to the coaches scaling options if you think you might struggle with a certain workout.

be on time to class

Coaches will not wait to start the class. if you miss your warm up or are not warming up correctly you increase your risk of injury.

keep chalk IN the buckets!

Wipe off any chalk you put on any equipment.

Children are welcome but MUST stay upstairs while a class is on

Please check this area before you leave and clan up any mess left behind.