Crossfit feel good nutrition challenge

At CrossFit Feel Good we run a nutrition challenge to assist members with reaching their goals, along with providing the knowledge and challenges needed to create healthy habits for long term success. The challenge provides a nutritional framework which is personalised for each participant, whether the individual’s goal is fat loss, muscle gain or workout performance.

Crossfit feel good nutrition challenge inclusions

The challenge includes:

InBody Scans

We will have InBody Scans in at the start and end of the challenge.

The InBody scans measure:

  • Total skeletal muscle mass
  • Total body fat in KG and percentage
  • Visceral fat (fat around the organs)
  • Total body water
  • Segmental muscle and fat analysis
  • Bone mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Full body measurements

1 on 1 Exercise Physiology Session

You will receive 2-3 personalised exercises aimed at rehabbing any current injury or can be used at improving weaknesses.

1 on 1 Session – Goal setting with Ben

In this session we will come up with your personalised goals and more importantly, HOW you will achieve them.

Nutrition seminar and plan

We will take you through how to set up your nutrition based on goals and get you a plan for what you need to eat to do so.

Muscle gain and Fat loss winners

On top of the above we will have our Weekly Fitness and Health Challenges, Attendance targets to keep you accountable and also our Facebook group where you can interact with other challenge participants and coaches to stay motivated, share ideas, organise challenges etc.

To join up email

nutrition challenge results

Results from our latest challenge – 10 weeks

Weight Loss / Body Fat Loss

We’ll kick off our shoutouts with the top weight loss and also the top body fat percentage loss results.


7.4kg weight loss

5.8% body fat loss


9.6kg weight loss

7.4% body fat loss

muscle gain winners

In just 10 weeks:

Mary gained 1.5kg of lean muscle, and Greg gained a massive 1.9kg! What makes these results even better is that they both had solid drops in body fat percentage at the same time with 3.3% drop for Mary and 4.1% drop for Greg!

Everyone who trains knows how hard it is to build lean muscle AND drop body fat at the same time, so these are 2 amazing results for such a short amount of time!

Some interesting improvements since joining CFFG. Especially since doing the challenge. Running speed and stride length are going up while resting heart rate is going down. Can’t say much except a big thank you to CrossFit Feel Good wonderful coaches and members.

– Vahid

I would like thank the whole CrossFit community for support. It HAS been a wonderful journey, which I am definitely going to keep up. I learnt a lot about nutrition and various workouts. This program was not only about the body; it has challenged all body, mind, dedication and patience.

Many thanks indeed, again, to you all!

– Michael

Definitely a very cool group to be part of. Nice to get to know some people I didn’t really know before. I loved the camaraderie of this group and the good humoured approach to all aspects.

I am looking forward to coming back and keeping up the momentum with you all.

Congratulations to the very deserving winners! What a team!

– Megan

Congratulations to everyone for signing up and making it one of the best challenges CFFG has seen. Thanks to Ben, gem, Nick for the time and effort to making it fun, challenging and Inspiring to chase goals.

Well done Mike Michel and Tiffany Bambrick for overall winners. Hard work paid off.

Let’s do lunch, and let’s all do it again next challenge. I loved it

– Nathan

Well done everyone and thanks so much to Ben and Gem for all your support. I started this challenge wanting to lose some weight and increase my fitness and strength and I have to say I feel the fittest and strongest Ive felt in years. It’s been great getting to know everyone in this group better and nice to support each other through the weekly challenges.

– Tiff

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