Greg, 59
  • When my wife (60 years old) started to go to CrossFit Feel Good I thought she'd last week or so. 8 months later, she is now going twice a week and loving it. Hearing her rave on about how much fun she was having at the gym and the new friends she's made (apart from how "FABULOUS" Ben was) I decided to throw my 59 year old body into this new activity. I had never been to a gym before and my only exercise was walking and a game of social doubles tennis each week. I can only get to 1 class a week but after a few months its clear my fitness and strength are much improved. What I really like is that each activity can be scaled to suit each member of the class.  I am still working on my upper body strength so my weights are less than some others in the class lift and  I can't squat with my bad left knee so I use a low bench and need poles to help with lunges (earning the nick name "Gandalf" from my mates in class). I never feel that I can't keep up. We all encourage each other and that friendly (non competitive) atmosphere is all due to Ben's attitude to fitness training. Greg, 59