Before and After Success stories from CFFG members


I am from a high level sporting background, so am no stranger to a bit of sweat and hard work, but after having 2 kids I kind of fell in a hole. Random gym sessions here and there and my body wasn’t how I wanted it to be/look. I was on social media when a pop-up appeared, looking for women of any age for a 6 week CrossFit challenge. I had heard friends talk about CrossFit and though I would give it a go. For the 6 weeks the classes were just women of all ages shapes and sizes. Ben (the Head Coach) encouraged us to come at least 3 times per week and tweak our diet (Paleo-ish). The sessions were great, we were all total beginners, so having the knowledge of Ben teaching us the correct technique from the get-go was great.

I used to arrive a little earlier to watch the ‘real’ classes, these were some amazing men and women, the way they moved and lifted was inspiring, you could feel the positivity radiating from them and they were so great, taking the time to say Hi and encourage us on the start of our journey into CrossFit. Needless to say that the 6 weeks went sooooo quickly – and I had great results. I knew I had found my new ‘place’. My clothes started to feel loose, my muscles began to take shape, it was all coming together and now I am training with and next to those athletes I used to watch in awe of. I have been going to CrossFit Feel Good for around 9 months and I have made some great mates and seen some fantastic results. It is such a diverse culture, there are people of all ages and backgrounds, but we all bond over the love of the challenge and pushing the limits.

At the beginning of 2017 I entered into a 12 week Nutrition Challenge at CrossFit Feel Good. This made me overhaul my diet and follow guided eating as well as pushing myself in training. Some days were easier than others, but I got there. My post-12-week scan showed such amazing and self-inspiring results, it just makes me want to be more, do more and I know at CrossFit Feel Good I am given the opportunity to do that.

I am so grateful that I signed up for that 6 week challenge, it has changed my whole outlook and lifestyle. I look forward to pushing for those PR’s and working towards my next set of goals. Ben is a great coach and has created something amazing at CrossFit Feel Good. He is a leader and you know when he is showing you a skill that he himself has mastered it. He has a huge knowledge of each lift, movement and skill, and also knows each athlete and what they are capable of. We all know what to expect from his as a coach when we walk into his box. For me, there is no turning back.



I started training at CrossFit Feel Good in August of 2014 and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. not only have I lost over 25kg, but I’ve become stronger and even more importantly, an all round better person.

About 12 months ago I started a new chapter in my life and made the decision to start losing weight and be more active, but after a few months of running I wanted more. This led me to CrossFit Feel Good and now I’m addicted. It’s not only a great gym to train at but it’s also a community/family that is always supportive and makes training fun.

With the coaching and support at CrossFit Feel Good I have discovered my passion for fitness and healthy eating which has permanently changed my lifestyle. It’s amazing just how far I can push myself now and I’ve done things that I never thought would be possible.


I love food. Really that’s the simple truth of how I got so big. I was eating all the wrong foods, lots of maccas, chocolate and pretty much only drank diet coke. I did no exercise at all, I was never the sporty kid I avoided all sports carnivals where possible. I’m also an emotional eater and once you get caught in the vicious cycle of eating you get depressed so you eat more. At my heaviest I was a very depressed and unhappy 118kg. I had to shop at women’s plus size stores, I felt horrible, I looked horrible, I had no energy or motivation and I just wanted to hide from the world and…. eat more.

In September 2012 I joined CrossFit Feel Good and started training with Ben. It was the best decision of my life. I love coming and working out with like minded people everyday and pushing my body to see how far it will go. I like the challenges and the sneaky competitions against each other. I have managed to loose over 40kg to date.

I still enjoy eating food, I don’t think that will ever change but I have discovered the proper way to eat through trial and error of the Paleo diet and more recently better results with the Zone diet. I still eat bad food but this time I know how much I can have and when to stop.


As a mum of two small kids and always finding excuses for not exercising I finally bit the bullet and tried CrossFit.

I committed myself to train at least 3 days a week and the results that I have got have been amazing. I have lost 10kg’s, 9% body fat, increased my muscle mass and most importantly for my age my bone mineral density has improved.

A combination of dedication, commitment and support from Ben, I have been able to reach my goals and be a good role model for my children.



My definition of fitness has been upturned since beginning at CFFG 3 years ago. Growing up playing soccer (always the smallest in my team) and cross country running I was rarely asked to display any aspects of strength. It wasn’t until my first WOD where 40kg thrusters (as singles) buckled me, that I realised there was a huge component of fitness that had been completely omitted from my training.  In the three years following, under the programming and coaching of Ben, as well as the competitive and supportive environment of my fellow members, those 40kg thrusters are now considered “light weight” and one of my favourite movements.

Training at CrossFit Feel Good has brought on a significant physical transformation (added 10 kg of muscle), which along with my progress in the weighlifting elements have coincided with improvements in mobility, bodyweight strength and conditioning. Whilst I no longer run the distances I did in highschool, when a workout requires me to do so, my times would still be competitive with my younger self and that to me is the epitomy of fitness.


This is sooo crazy! I was looking through Facebook and found this pic from 2012! This is the heaviest I’ve ever been at 85kg! I can’t believe I used to look like this! Sooo much has changed since then! I’ve really only been on my weight loss journey since this time last year! I started CrossFit and it completely changed my life. I’m now 60kg and loving life! Thank you to everyone for all your support and encouragement! Can’t wait to see what I look like at the end of this year! Woohoo! Bring on the muscles! ‪#‎muscles‬ ‪#‎transformation‬ ‪#‎crossfit‬ ‪#‎lovinglife‬ ‪#‎healthylifestyle‬ ‪#‎bringiton‬


I was 102kg two weeks before starting at CrossFit Feel Good and now I am 84kg. CrossFit has changed many aspects of my life. I hope this post can help others like it helped me when I was inspired by looking at others on this page. Thanks to Ben and Chris for all their support.