Balance is the ability to maintain the centre of gravity within the base of support. Basically balance is the ability to not fall over by maintaining your centre of gravity in a position where it is supported by your base of support, the greater your ability to control the position of these two elements, in relation to one another, the greater your balance.


How do we get better balance? We practice balancing. Pretty straight forward, there are many ways of practicing balancing other than standing on one leg. Practicing exercises which require the movement of your support base, generally your feet, and maintenance of your centre of gravity will help develop balance. Things like walking lunges where your feet (support base) are moving and require control of your centre of gravity to stay upright. We’ve all seen, or done, the swaying walking lunge when we’re trying to move the distance as fast as possible. Adding a speed requirement to the movement creates another element to the exercise which further taxes our neural pathways trying to catch up and adjust to the constantly varying input created by the movement, further developing our balance. Handstands and handstand push ups (HSPUs) are another great way to increase your balance.


This time it is the hands which provide the support base and we are required to adjust our centre of gravity to balance over these. This creates a whole new set of inputs and required adjustments from our body to remain balanced. Most of us have the fortune of constantly practicing our balance on our feet from day to day simply by standing and walking. Turning upside down creates a whole new world to balance in, a new world for our limbs and body to adjust too and a new reference point for our balance. It is quite difficult initially balancing against a wall in a handstand position let alone doing a HSPU. Practicing simply handstanding against the wall will not only make us stronger but also develop our balance.


From here we can add movement in and try HSPUs. This movement once again requires us to maintain our now moving centre of gravity over the support of our hands, developing more balance. We then progress to paralettes, develop more strength and more balance. For the truly advanced amongst us we can then move to HSPUs on low rings, then we can work on all of the above again freestanding, and then we’re talking about supreme balance and strength but we all need to start somewhere. Luckily most of us never stray very far from conveniently placed handstand apparatus, walls. So remember practice your handstands. You’re normally surrounded by walls so you’ve got no excuse.




But if not




For Time:


1000m Row


50 x Thrusters (20kg)


30 x Pull ups